Our Team


Courtney McInvale Reardon

Founder, Author, Historian, Storyteller & Guide

Courtney McInvale Reardon is the founder of Seaside Shadows based out of Mystic, Connecticut and offering walking tours and boat tours throughout the southern New England region.. She is a licensed tour guide, published author and actual descendant of accused witches. She is a Connecticut native and Courtney spent 5 years in DC after completing her studies at Catholic University of America  and the University College Dublin where she studied abroad, majoring in International Relations.  After earning her degree, she worked for the FBI as an analyst -- having been influenced by her time interning at NCIS for the Cold Case Homicide Unit-- She then spent 2 years in Vermont working for Dept of Homeland Security and honing her investigative skills. Courtney also spent many months in Ireland in study and visiting, a place rich with histories and hauntings alike! She avidly studies histories of Celtic cultures, specifically Ireland and Scotland, specializing in rebellions. Courtney is an empathic spirit medium -- able to feel, see and communicate with spirits.  She has frequently had experiences involving the paranormal. In Courtney's childhood home in central Connecticut, in a town called East Hampton numerous paranormal occurrences happened. The events were so extreme that the Warren family came to investigate and exorcise the house during her teenage years there. Due to her haunting past, and ability to see and communicate with spirit, she has always taken an interest in the unknown and has now put her sensitivities, investigative skills, love of history, and writing aspirations to work. Courtney is also a realist amongst all things. That means you will get an excited, thought-provoking and spooky tour while at the same time being inundated with historical facts to corroborate all the haunting occurrences surrounding the Mystic, New London and Salem  areas.  Courtney has written three books for Arcadia Publishing and the History Press including Haunted Mystic (2014), Revolutionary War Ghosts of Connecticut (2016) and Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut (2021). Courtney has been featured as a historian and medium on Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell and as a medium on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. She hosts paranormal investigations and historical site fundraisers annually.

Courtney is available to provide private tours and perform at speaking engagements (Growing up Haunted, Haunted Mystic, Revolutionary War Ghosts of Connecticut, Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut, Ghosts of Civil War Battlefields, Ghosts of Gettysburg and Seaside Haunts of Salem, the Witch City) per request. Please use the Contact page or call us at 860-754-8923 for further details and inquiries.


Marty Reardon Jr.

Co-Owner, Security & Investigator

Marty Reardon, Jr. is both Courtney's husband and the co-owner of Seaside Shadows. As a direct descendant of Bridget Bishop, Marty has always been drawn to Salem's historic past and honoring his ancestors with their true tales. You will often see him at our Seaside Shadows Tours and Events. He is our Director of Security -- making sure that our guests have a safe and enjoyable journey each and every night. Marty also provides technical expertise to all of our paranormal investigations and evidence review. He will be there lantern in hand taking your tickets and helping escort you through your spooktacular journey. After a love for the paranormal and television's Sons of Anarchy Marty has named the security group for Seaside Shadows -- "Reaper Crew." Be sure to say a big hello and thanks next time you see the Reaper Crew at your tour or events.


Andrew Hill

Storyteller & Tour Guide

Andrew Hill is the Lead tour guide at Seaside Shadows.  He is a Connecticut native who has had a deep love and appreciation of history for his entire life, even double majoring in history during his college studies.  However, there are two sides to Haunted history and Andrew was actually a skeptic for a long while! Though he always had an appreciation for the otherworldly and the paranormal his entire life, like a lot of people he was questioning what to really believe. One evening Andrew had an event that changed his life, one witnessed by his twin brother as well. Suddenly thrust into the paranormal, Andrew knew he could only turn to one company. Seaside Shadows. After doing investigations and tours it was clear that this was what he was meant to be doing, and all who take his tours agree! If Andrew’s reviews say anything, it’s that he is a masterful storyteller, a large personality, and looks the part to boot! 


Evan Brown

Storyteller & Tour Guide

Evan Brown is a tour guide with Seaside Shadows. Originally from California, he partly grew up in Connecticut, and has been “bicoastal” for the better part of his life. An avid student of humanity, Evan graduated from New York University’s Gallatin School, where he concentrated in writing and social theory, and concomitantly studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. He also holds a master’s degree in Public Affairs from the University of San Francisco. He has worked as a journalist, teacher, actor, campaign consultant, and a bunch of other gigs to make ends meet (including as a deckhand on a riverboat, which was his favorite). As a consequence of his studies and adventures, he is a feared and respected bar trivia competitor.

Evan’s connection to history and the supernatural runs deep: His Dane family ancestors hold the record for most accused witches in a single family during the Salem Witch Trials (thankfully, no executions!), and his own experiences have left him a true believer in the paranormal. A natural raconteur and performer, Evan is thrilled to bring his passion and skills to Seaside Shadows and its wonderful guests! 


Caryn Mickle

Storyteller & Tour Guide

Caryn Mickle is a tour guide with Seaside Shadows. She studied archeology at Hamilton College and spent two summers in rural Nevada looking for relics of early inhabitants of North America. Later, she went on to graduate studies in anthropology and museum education at George Washington University. After finishing graduate school, Caryn moved back to her native Connecticut where she likes to go to concerts and museums, ski, and act in local theater productions. She has led tours through historic houses and created and presented programs at art, history, natural history museums. 

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Sierra Little

Storyteller & Tour Guide

Sierra is just your average comic book, anime loving, Twitch streamer, fitness enthusiast, movie producing gal.
She spends most of her days never alone as her fur babies accompany her every step. With her love of the arts you can find her either in front of a camera modeling or behind it producing films with Another Theory Productions. Sierra has a love of all aspects horror and macabre and blends them with her love of the spiritual and ethereal. Sierra brings humor and fun to all her endeavors.


Riley Ward

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Riley Ward is the Social Media Specialist for Seaside Shadows based out of Nashville, TN. She grew up in South Carolina where she frequented Charleston’s walking ghost tours with her family. She began a large appreciation for history and the paranormal, even developing some of her own personal experiences with spirits in her home. Riley’s expertise is in video content and graphic design. She loves working with Seaside Shadows’ weekly video series and being able to use Mystic’s rich history in her designs. Riley loves connecting with the loyal followers of Seaside Shadows so don’t hesitate to say hello!