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Mystic Moonlit Graveyard
Ghost Tour

"I really enjoyed my moonlight graveyard tour and hearing about some of the history of Mystic. The tour guide was fabulous and captivating. I also caught some orbs in my photos and felt someone breathe on my neck. I highly recommend the tour!"

There’s nothing more intimately haunting than a colonial burial ground and Mystic boasts some of the most fascinating and haunted burial grounds around. This burial ground established in the 1660’s was one of the common burial places of Mystic until the rural landscape movement arrived to Mystic in 1854. Our Graveyard Tour tells tales of some of Mystic’s most famous residents.


From Captains of King Philip’s War who saw unspeakable horrors to tales of true vampires amid epidemic scares, From Patriot defenders who met bloody ends to abolitionists and freed enslaved people’s making their mark on the Mystic community, there’s no shortage of notable or frightening accounts. The graveyard tour walks visitors through early American history in New England through times of fear, sickness and war. The trials and tribulations left behind several hauntings and the graveyard has had activity of footsteps, voices and full-bodied apparitions for years – many of which guests experience on our tour. The Graveyard tour ends with a special spooky surprise – perfect for history and ghost lovers alike. The graveyard tour walks guests through time amid the graves of the people who made Mystic, Mystic. Learn about colonial burial practices and graves on this guided tour. This is a 2-hour walking tour. This tour is a blend of history and mystery.


Tours include tales of the true, gruesome and historic past of Mystic, CT – a walk on the darker side if you will and tales of the true paranormal encounters at these haunted locations today. Guests should be aged 11 and up and should be dressed accordingly for the weather. 

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