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Downtown Westerly Ghost Tour

Westerly, Rhode Island’s haunting past has been well documented for centuries – the small community may be familiar to most for it’s proximity to the beach but Westerly has tales of intrigue sure to spend a tingle up your spine. From deadly shipwrecks, cursed pirate treasure and actual witches, there’s no shortage of dark legends in Rhode Island’s hamlet on the Pawcatuck River.


On this tour, you’ll hear tales of the Devil’s visit to Westerly, the spectral light formed by one of New England’s worst shipwrecks, tales of two souls trapped in one body and paranormal activity at Westerly’s known establishments. The 19th century industrial community roots run strong through a town whose importance was forged in the colonial era.


Walk through the bustling landscape of downtown Westerly and the banks of the Pawcatuck River as we uncover the supernatural tales and legends of the notable southern Rhode Island community.

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