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Three if by Car

Walk in the footsteps of America’s first Patriots and their skirmishes, encounters and battle sites of one of the most memorable days in American history.


Three if by Car is THE Revolutionary War tour you’ve been waiting for.


The shot heard round the world sounded through the towns of Lexington and Concord, outside the big city of Boston on April 19th, 1775. Guests will have the option to follow their tour guide caravan style to sites of note or rent a vehicle of their choosing (through Seaside Shadows) to travel alongside with the guide through the towns of Lexington, Arlington and Concord.


Sites include the town Green of Lexington, Tavern & Skirmish sites in Arlington, the site of Paul Revere’s Capture and the Old North Bridge – The site of the Shot Heard Round the World.


All Three if by Car tours are narrated/guided by Licensed Public Historians and Guides of Concords to give you the most in-depth American Revolution experience possible!

This Tour is Available for Private Groups Only
Contact us for more information and to book.

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