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Follow the haunting tales of Connecticut's role in America's Civil War through the eyes of those who fought in it. From Generals Mansfield and Lyon to Privates Tarbox and Brooks, discover the harrowing tales of grizzled soldiers - in this world and beyond - fighting against countrymen and brothers. Explore the tales of the segregated ranks like the Irish and Colored Regiments as well as the abolitionists and provisions suppliers, including Harriet Beecher Stowe and Samuel Colt. The stories of these people's lives carry on through the hauntings and ghost stories that now permeate throughout the countryside, collected and retold by author, tour guide, and psychic medium Courtney McInvale who visited and researched countless battle sites, prisons, museums, and historic homesteads to present this haunted history of Connecticut. More than just ghost stories told during the Victorian era - although some of those are certainly included - Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut paints a colorful, but sobering, landscape of the deadliest time in American history.

Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut

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