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Ingredients: Mugwort flower tops, leaves (fresh & dried), Mugwort seeds, Mugwort Root, Vodka, Agave, Full Moon Water, Distilled Water

Coming from the Greek God, Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt and Protector of Small Animals and Women, she dances among wood nymphs and Wormwood/Artemis, a prevalent herb comes from her dance and is the herb of dreams. This concoction can be drank in small amounts or put into tea to aid in digestive issues, regulation of the menstrual cycle and to relieve cramps and better moods. This can also be used to enhance your memory and increase the ability of your dreams to be remembered and be a vivid astral experience. Caution -- must only be consumed in small amounts -- too much can have side effects similar to that of absinthe as they are quite similar.

Artemisia Moontime Elixir

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