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Where does the famous giggling ghost of Mystic visit dining guests? 

What curse haunts the landscape of Mystic?

What historic artifacts and gravestone engravings have been found in Mystic's antiquated burial grounds?

Ghost Boat

Where is the Yellow Fever patient buried at sea?

Which New London resident brought smallpox to the entire city and is buried on the shores?

How does one of the most haunted sanitariums in all of Connecticut earn it's name?


Where did the colonial settlers store the bodies of their beloved dead?

How did New England inhabitants prevent diseases of Tuburculosis they believed were caused by vampirism?

What is the most haunted battlefield in all of Connecticut and why do it's ghosts remain?


How do the trials of 1692 still haunt the town of Salem today?

What spooky specters are seen frightening guests of the country's oldest candy company? 

What secrets lay beneath Salem's old funeral parlor? 

Find out all this and more legends and spooks when you take a Seaside Shadows Downtown Mystic tour, Mystic Moonlit Graveyard Tour,  a Seaside Shadows Ghost Boat Tour or a Seaside Shadows of Salem tour. Connecticut native, and sensitive to the other side, Courtney McInvale Reardon and her historic and spiritual team take you by lantern light on the tour of your choice where they will answer all of these questions and more. Seaside Shadows is a guided walking tour lasting approximately two hours and takes place entirely outdoors. Tours include tales of the true, gruesome and historic past of Mystic, CT – a walk on the darker side if you will and tales of the true paranormal encounters at these haunted locations today. Guests should be aged 13 and up and should be dressed accordingly for the weather. Tours generally run close to dusk.

Our downtown Mystic tours go through the bustling landscape of shops and restaurants surrounding the famous drawbridge and our Mystic cemetery tours allow guests to walk through the Whitehall Burial Ground associated with the famously sighted ghosts of Whitehall Mansion. Ghost Boat Tours take off from the New London CIty Pier and travel on the Thames between New London and Groton. Mystic Tours and Boat Tour schedules operate weekly and monthly accordingly -- please see calendar for availability. Seaside of Salem tours Tours operate on private bookings only taking guests from Liberty Street through Derby Street on Salem's dark and ghostly shoreline -- past old maritime haunts and more, it's an unforgettable stroll through the Witch City.  Tour times vary seasonally and oftentimes there is a weekday offering on either Tuesday or Thursday. Please see our calendar for details as the schedule is subject to change. . Special Events take place as fundraisers at historic homesteads  and sites throughout the state bringing in the most experienced and phenomenal special guests.​