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Downtown Concord Ghost & True Crime Tour

Concord Massachusetts is the site of the “shot heard round the world,” and the home of American transcendentalism and some of the most well-known American literature. A town rich in such revolutionary and inspiring history is certain to have secrets, is it not?


Join us on our tour through the historic New England landscape of downtown Concord as we traverse by burial grounds, haunted locations, and sites of sinister and dark activity as we delve into the lesser told mysteries and tales of Concord’s storied past. Tales of missing heads, famous authors fishing for human corpses, curious funeral practices, cold-blooded murder and missing travelers will be told along the streets of Concord.


Paranormal encounters are in no shortage in our picturesque New England community as ghosts are told to have been wandering the sites and streets of Concord for hundreds of years and ghostly encounters keep coming. This two-hour outdoor walking tour will bring folks to the sites and burials as relate to Concord’s dark and mysterious past and true supernatural encounters.


This tour is a blend of history and mystery. 

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