Are you experiencing a haunting in your own home or place of business? Hearing footsteps or inexplicable sounds or possibly seeing an apparition can be extremely frightening and concerning. Beyond the terror of not knowing what's causing things to move or be heard, it's also difficult to determine if whatever spirit that causes this is malevolent or friendly and who they may be. Having grown up in a haunted house that was investigated by the Warrens Courtney is no stranger to the unexplained and terrifying. Through this Courtney gained the unique insight and ability to sense and see spirits. Taking her intuition, her love for history, and her fearless husband Marty they have decided to help those who are experiencing hauntings.

We will conduct the research on your property to try and find the relevant history that is pertinent to your particular haunting and we will attempt to capture photographic and audio evidence as well. We will perform a cleansing if necessary and let you know our findings.

he Seaside Shadows Team also performs investigations and research at bonafide historic haunts across the region -- compiling evidence that they often include in regional books for the "Haunted America" Series with Arcadia Publishing. When investigating historic locations they spend time validating what notable figures may still wander the halls. The team is known for their very respectful approach to history and ability to acquire never before found evidence. If you are part of a historic landmark of any kind or even a public location of whose history you are uncertain about -- please contact us to make research/investigation arrangements.

Some of our previous investigations include:

Niantic Book Barn - Niantic, CT
Burr Mansion - Fairfield, CT
Lebanon War Office - Lebanon, CT
Nathan Hale Schoolhouse East Haddam - East Haddam, CT
Nathan Hale Schoolhouse New London - New London, CT
Hempsted Houses -  New London, CT
Nathan Hale Homestead - Coventry, CT
Leffingwell Museum - Norwich, CT

​Our investigative services are free of charge and are available to assist you!

Paranormal Investigation Services