Historian/Consultant: Born and raised in Groton, Jennifer has fifteen years of experience in Museum First Person Interpretation. Her work has been seen at venues such as Mystic Seaport, the Shaw Mansion, Fort Griswold, the Smith-Harris House, the Denison Homestead Museum, and Noank Historical Society. In the summer of 2014, Jennifer appeared as Mrs. Captain Henry Dashiell in Firesite Film’s The Prize of the Chesapeake, an award-winning documentary highlighting Baltimore Privateers during the War of 1812.  Far beyond acting, history is also a family affair for Jennifer - she had relatives involved in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials and King William’s War. She is also knowledgeable in 17th, 18th and 19th century superstitions, mourning customs and New England Vampire Folklore. Jennifer encountered her first spirit at the age of seven, and was raised to respect her ancestors. She has encountered the unexplained in every historic location she has ever worked in. Footsteps, whispers, babies crying, items going missing only to reappear again later; she’s been pushed and even had her hair pulled once. Ask her about the time she should have fallen from a tall ship-but didn’t, and the time she spent the night alone in a 298-year-old farm house! The day she saw her first swirling manifestation in a house museum was the day she decided to no longer run from her intuition. Her hope is, rather than turn up their noses, the Academe can find a viable partner in the realm of Paranormal Investigation. Under controlled conditions, it is not shock entertainment, but an innovative method of teaching that helps visitors develop a sense of connection with the departed—who are history itself. It is one thing to hear a lecture about a person who died 200 years ago – standing at their grave while you hear their story puts a whole new twist upon it, indeed!

Co-Owner and Security: Marty Reardon, Jr. is both Courtney's husband and the co-owner of Seaside Shadows. You will often see him at our Seaside Shadows Tours and Events. He is our Director of Security -- making sure that our guests have a safe and enjoyable journey each and every night. Marty also provides technical expertise to all of our paranormal investigations and evidence review. He will be there lantern in hand taking your tickets and helping escort you through your spooktacular journey. After a love for the paranormal and television's Sons of Anarchy Marty has named the security group for Seaside Shadows -- "Reaper Crew." Be sure to say a big hello and thanks next time you see the Reaper Crew at your tour or events!

Tour Guide: Shelby McInvale is founder Courtney's youngest sibling. She often special guests on our Downtown Mystic Tour and at Special Events. Able to attest to the hauntings that went on at the McInvale Family home in East Hampton Shelby also comes with her own series of unique occurrences and abilities to sense the spirits around her. A photographer by profession she uses her skill sets to help guests analyze their psychic photos for the most authentic evidence possible. She is also our graphic designer with an innate eye for detail -- something not to be taken for granted when investigating the unknown. Having studied Art History at Southern Connecticut State University -- a passion for the past runs in her blood as well and she is a perfect special guest to our Seaside Shadows line-up.

Tour Guide: Robert Lecce was born in Norwich, CT and by the young age of three had moved into his new hometown of Salem, CT where he grew up on a small family farm. Anomalous experiences and nightmares began to haunt Robert at a young age as an unseen presence followed him around the house. Strange noises emanated from all parts of the house indicating that others were there when no one was home -- one so loud that even the house shook. Family crucifixes were turned upside down and prayer only seemed to fuel the entity’s activity. As an adult Robert found himself settled in Old Mystic, CT in again -- another historic home -- where the feeling of not quite being alone returned. He would hear the entity enter the room as if to check in and this time he wasn’t alone. His children were experiencing the activity as well. Robert is not just someone who attracts the paranormal but also attracts history and participates in numerous local community organizations in his free time. One of Robert's passions lies within his Revolutionary War re-enactment and when you take a tour with Robert you will get a true glimpse of what walking around Mystic in the 1700's would have looked like.

Founder and Guide: Courtney McInvale Reardon is the founder of Seaside Shadows in Mystic, Connecticut. A Connecticut Native and local author -- Courtney spent 5 years in DC after her college career and 2 yea​rs in Vermont working various jobs in law enforcement and honing her investigative skills. Courtney also spent many months in Ireland, a place rich with histories and hauntings alike! Courtney is an empathic medium -- able to feel, see and communicate with spirits.  She has frequently had experiences involving the paranormal. In Courtney's childhood home in Central Connecticut, in a town called East Hampton numerous paranormal occurrences happened. The events were so extreme that the Warren family came to investigate and exorcise the house during her teenage years there. Due to her haunting past, and ability to see and communicate with spirit, she has always taken an interest in the unknown and has now put her sensitivities, investigative skills, love of history, and writing aspirations to work. Courtney is also a realist amongst all things. That means you will get an excited, thought-provoking and spooky tour while at the same time being inundated with historical facts to corroborate all the haunting occurrences surrounding the Seaport area. Perhaps you'll see a spirit or 2 on your tours with us, remember to bring your cameras!

Courtney's first book Haunted Mystic was released Fall 2014 and is available via our online store and via your favorite book retailers. Her next book Revolutionary War Ghosts of Connecticut is due out in Summer 2016.


Courtney is available to provide private tours and perform at speaking engagements (Growing up Haunted & Haunted Mystic) per request.

Please use the Contact Us page or call us at 860-617-9777 for further details and inquiries regarding this.