Seaside Shadows Statement on COVID-19

UPDATE 04/09/2020

According to the newest executive order issued by Governor Lamont in the State of Connecticut on April 9, 2020, all non-essential businesses must remain closed through May 20th, 2020. As such, we have made tours for the month May non-bookable online just as the April and later March tours were. Tours are still bookable for June 2020 at this time and the summer tour schedule will be announced as soon as possible. The closure of non-essential business and the subsequent non-operation of Seaside Shadows walking tours could be extended past this date and we will be sure to update you as information becomes available.


UPDATE  3/21/2020

In compliance with Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7H in the State of Connecticut and the Stay Safe, Stay at Home initiative, Seaside Shadows will not be running tours at this time. Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours LLC is a non-essential business and does gather folks in groups even if outdoors with social distancing. In our state’s effort to discourage all group gatherings and to keep non-essential workers home and safe, it is imperative that we not run tours at this time. It saddens us a great deal but we are with you in wanting everyone to be safe and healthy and for this crisis to pass sooner rather than later. As such, this is how we do our part. You will notice our tours are no longer bookable online through April 30th, 2020. This date is subject to change and could either be extended or shortened as we take this one day at a time. Spring bookings for May and June are still available and summer and fall bookings will soon be available as well. All Boat tours are still available to book for summer and fall. Gift cards are also available for purchase to use at any time and gift card purchases help us out greatly at this time. If you have a reservation between March 21st, 2020 and April 30th, 2020 please contact us to reschedule as we will keep your tickets as a credit under your name. Thank you for your understanding and have no fear, your tour guides and your ghosts will be waiting for you when this all comes to pass. In the interim, we will be doing our best to bring you ghostly content in other ways -- so please stay tuned.

UPDATE 3/18/2020 

In compliance with new CDC and federal & state guidelines, Seaside Shadows will be operating tours with a  limited and strict 10 person capacity  for a minimum of two weeks. Additionally, only Mystic Graveyard Tours will be offered through 4/4/2020. Limited capacity private tours will be offered and considered upon request and case-by-case basis by emailing Please bear in mind all protocol is subject to change based on continually developing regulations and executive orders and we will do our best to keep you updated as swiftly as possible.

UPDATE 3/12/2020

Dearest Ghost Walkers and Spooktacular People, we wanted to take a beat and talk with you about our Spring 2020 Season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. First of all and most importantly, we hope you all are doing well and feeling good. We have been watching the rapidly developing news closely and while we understand that many restrictions are underway for large gatherings, we are happy to state that our ghost tours do not fit the definition of large group gatherings. We have group tour maximums for several reasons and in Spring Season as people are adjusting to the warm weather, we rarely have to enact our policy where we split into multiple groups to keep groups at a moderate size. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our area and all of our team is feeling good and ready to rock and roll! Additionally, our tours take place OUTSIDE and fresh air is extremely good for the body and in preventing illness. We are a NO CONTACT tour (at least with the living, muahaha)– you do not touch anything on the tour and we do not touch YOU. *The only modification is that during this time, walk-up sales will be strictly prohibited and all tickets should be purchased online to ensure this. Your check-in will be digital as always. At this time, Seaside Shadows will be operating as normal for the 2020 season and for the foreseeable future. We still plan our season start on Friday the 13th of March and are looking forward to our season opening weekend with you. Furthermore, we want to remind everyone that there are NO cases of ghost to human transmission. The pandemics the people of centuries past faced were beyond what most of us can comprehend and the good news is – they are no longer carriers for those diseases either. While we can promise no contact with the living – we can’t promise no contact with ghosts, but we can promise they aren’t contagious and that the only chills we offer are of those of spirit encounters – not of a fever.

Now what to do if you’re sick and you already booked a tour? DO NOT come on a tour if YOU’RE sick. Please stay home, rest, take care of yourself and minimize other’s exposure to whatever ailment you may have. Even if you feel slightly sick, we implore you not to come at this time. We know you don’t want to miss out on the fun and we don’t want to miss you either -- but we have good news – our Seaside Shadows tours run TEN months out of the year and if you need to cancel for being sick, you may reschedule for any tour of your choosing during the remainder of the year. 😉 Keep Calm, Spook On and while you wash your hands, feel free to keep count of your 20 seconds via singing of MONSTER MASH as depicted here.


P.S. We talked to a good friend of Seaside Shadows, a local ER RN who gave some good advice and reminders – Public Restrooms are available near to tours and provide a fantastic place to wash your hands! Again, fresh air is one of the best things for you and finally, if you would like a drink after your tour at one of our local pubs and taverns – alcohol is a known anti-septic.


P. P. S. If you would like to learn more about the ghosts of the past New England pandemics and see where quarantines and hospitals were set up via water, take a look at our Summer and Fall Ghost Boat Tour schedule.


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